Ribble, Green Eggs, and Common Sense!

With final exams ending and my basketball tournament schedule lately, I have definitely not gotten as far on my major project as I would like so far but I’ve made some progress since my last post! My plan is to create a digital citizenship unit plan for my grade twelve English students.  It fits nicely …

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Ribble’s Nine Elements of Digital Citizenship, and a Critical Questions on TikTok

This far into my major project I have been compiling information on Wakelet, Seesaw, and TikTok.  Be sure to check out the continued progress of the work that I am compiling on my second website, Curtis Bourassa’s Edtech Reviews. Over the past couple of weeks, I have begun to branch out and approach teachers about … Continue reading Ribble’s Nine Elements of Digital Citizenship, and a Critical Questions on TikTok

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February 10, 2020: Progress Update #2

Digital citizenship. Being respectful online. Simple enough, right? Prior to taking this class, that was my understanding of digital citizenship. I didn’t realize all of the different layers that go into being a digital citizen. Ribble’s Nine Elements of Digital Citizenship has been very helpful in breaking these layers down and incorporating them into myContinue reading “February 10, 2020: Progress Update #2”

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Digital Citizenship & Blended Learning

I found this weeks vlogs on Digital Citizenship to be very enlightening. I hadn’t had the chance to dig into all the difference sources that talk about digital citizenship so listening to their summaries and combination of their findings was very beneficial. Their vlogs also challenged me to reassess my own digital citizenship lessons and …

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