Journey into Media App Review: Instagram

Instagram burst onto the scene in 2010.  It rapidly gained popularity and boasted 1 million registered users in the first 2 months.  It has since become one of the most used social media apps in the world with subscriber numbers rivaling those of Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat.  It has since been purchased by Facebook in …

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Journey into Media App Review: Sworkit

When I began using this app the goal was to evaluate its merits as a tool to be used along with the Wellness 10 curriculum.  The second criteria I was investigating was whether the app could facilitate a healthier approach to technology use.  The app took off after an appearance on the hit show Shark …

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Major project: Final thoughts

Out of the four options we were given for this semester’s major project (Option 1: Development of a curriculum-supported digital citizenship/literacy resource; Option 2: Personal journey into media; Option 3: Internet-based social activism project; and Option 4: Student-designed project), I decided to dive deeper into my personal journey into media (“option2”). I decided to take … Continue reading Major project: Final thoughts

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Learning How to Bend

A friend I haven’t seen in a while recently sent me a text and we had a brief convo.  Click on the link to see:  Kyla’s textingstory Describing to someone else exactly what I learned while taking this class is difficult.  Most of the classes I’ve taken previous to this one have an established curricula or…

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