Minor Thoughts on a Major Project

Which door to choose? 1, 2 or 3? “Student-designed project” is a bit of a mystery box, and who can resist the allure of a mystery? Getting this train going down the track has been a bit of a battle. I have stated it before, but I think that it is worth noting here, I am not afraid of technology and its application in education. I am more of a wait-until-I-have-to-use-it individual, and then I will jump in and make…

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I’ve Been Staring at All of the Cricut Projects, ‘Long as I Can Remember, Never Really Knowing Why

A Quick Update on the Ole’ Learning Project A Lot of Learning & Research Although I haven’t been as active on the old Cricut machine as I would have liked to have been lately with the move and all, I have been behind the scenes doing a bunch of Cri…

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