Cree Language online instruction! Final submission

My goal was creating an online course that is inclusive to all learners. I chose the Cree Language as instructional material because I wanted to share the message that Indigenous languages are accessible to all students in every school in Canada. Through online learning platforms, Indigenous educators have a wonderful opportunity to create accessible programsContinue reading “Cree Language online instruction! Final submission”

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Course Prototype Submission April 1

Hello everyone! Here is the link to my course prototype created on Canvas LMS.

Please let me know if you are able to access the Canvas document. Enjoy…and I look forward to seeing everyone of your projects.…

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Module 1: Cree Language Instruction

My prototype project module 1 will be presented in 2 lessons that include: instructional material, student activity in the form of video and Cree language apps, and assessment worksheets. The lessons will demonstrate an effective model to use Land Based Learning to teach Cree language in context of home, community, and culture. Technology supports IndigenousContinue reading “Module 1: Cree Language Instruction”

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