You’ve Reached Your Goal: Digital Citizenship in Health/Wellness

I have recently been exploring the idea of using technology in my Health and Wellness classes to promote a healthy lifestyle.  The idea is to explore apps that would allow integration of Health and Wellness concepts into class structure and into the students own personal lives.  The end goal being to evaluate these apps for …

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Gazing into the Future of Education

How do you prepare someone for something you can’t understand? Is it even possible?  The recent discussion in educational technology circles has centered on the fact that we do not know what the world will be like in even 5-10 years.  With the exponential increase in technological advancement, it is doubtful that the students graduating …

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How much of yourself do you put out there?

She said what?? I find it very stressful to think of meshing my personal and private lives on social media, yet this blog may be my first attempt at this. Being in the education business I have to watch myself. Though I’m often loud (borderline obnoxious at times) and have a bit of a truckers … Continue reading How much of yourself do you put out there?

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